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In this page I shortly summarize the questions that more frequently people ask me. I hope the FAQ shall help you to know better the services I offer. You can ask some other questions if you want.

Q - Why do you advice me to visit Naples?
A - Because Naples helps us to remember a very old past; who will never forget Greeks and Romans? "Greece is the heritage that makes eternal the ideas.".
Q - What advantages should I get on visiting Naples with you?
A - Thanks to my help you will see many things in less time, know Neapolitan anecdotes, in order not to loose some hidden wonders . You wonít get lost visiting the real Naples.
Q - Why your site is so called?
A - Because I want to put in evidence my philosophy of life "take it easy" and "get the best", even if the mass media only take notice of Naples when something bad has happened.
Q - Is Naples so dangerous as someone says?
A - Naples has got the some problems of the world big cities so it is necessary to pay attention and to have a good local guide.
Q - Where is the meeting point?
A - The meeting point is the above mentioned Mergellina where there are more opportunities for the transports (underground, buses, quick boats for the islands of Ischia, Capri, Procida.)
Q - How far are your itineraries from Mergellina?
A - From Mergellina to Posillipo (itinerary 1) it takes 2,00 km,; from Mergellina to the old city (itinerary 2) it takes 5,00 km.; from Mergellina to the stations of the art (itinerary 3) it takes 5.00 km. Q.
Q - How is it better to visit the city, by what transportations?
A - It is better for the three itineraries to travel by buses and to go also for walks.
Q - How much does the bus ticket cost?
A - It is convenient to buy the daily ticket that costs 3 euro for the whole day.
Q - Is it possible to go also by car?
A - Itís possible to rent a car only for the extra urban visits.
Q - Is it possible to be picked up near the hotel?
A - Yes if the itinerary needs a car.
Q - Are the itineraries flexible?
A - Yes they are and can be changed also online.
Q - Where are the museum tickets available?
A - There is the Arte-card which allows facilitations in the access to the main museums.
Q - What are the closure days of the museums?
A - Mainly they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Q - What are the operating times of the museums?
A - They are generally opened from 9,00 to 13,00.
Q - Is it possible to organize a visit to Capri, Ischia and Procida?
A - Certainly.
Q - Which is the suggested?
A - Itís recommended: Capri for the romantics; Ischia for the environment lovers and for the wellbeing and Procida for the wildness sites lovers.
Q - Are there in Naples parks, gardens and natural reserves?
A - Yes, in Naples there are Villa Floridiana park, Orto Botanico, Camaldoli park, Capodimonte park, Virgiliano park, gardens of the Villa Comunale and around gardens of the Mortella (Ischia), gardens of the Villa Jovis (Capri); volcanic area of Pozzuoli; natural reserve of Astroni.
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